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Grid – Tie

  • Reduce your electricity bill by consuming locally produced PV electricity
  • Profit by exporting generated PV electricity to the grid
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

In regions with feed-in tariff (FiT) schemes, one can benefit by installing a grid-tie rooftop solar system and exporting the generated PV electricity to the grid. In regions with net-metering schemes, the generated PV energy helps the owner to reduce electricity bills.

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Self Consumption

  • Prioritize consumption of solar power over utility electricity
  • Avoid utility demand charges
  • Backup in areas prone to grid outages to minimize production losses

Enabled by PriorityPower both Conext XW+ and Conext SW will prioritize the self-consumption of stored battery and PV generated power over grid power, helping homeowners avoid high utility charges. Both XW+ and SW also provide for backup in areas prone to grid outages. Conext XW+ takes it one step further by enabling excess PV power to be sold  using GridSell Coupling the PV system to the battery bank  with Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers is the most efficient and economical method for self-consumption and for storing PV power. Both Conext XW+ and SW will also charge the battery bank from the grid if solar irradiation is insufficient. Batteries and Solar PV can be scaled up as needed. There are two main applications of ParallelPower: Peak Load Shaving: Conext XW+ and SW can limit the power draw from the utility connection by adding power above a  set point to support large temporary loads, helping avoid peak usage charges in areas with tier-based tariff on capacity of incoming feed or on peak consumption. Grid Boosting: Conext XW+ and SW can supplement grid input with extra AC power to support large loads, temporarily boosting power within a home beyond the limit of the grid connection. Conext solutions includes:

  • Prioritize consumption of solar power ahead of utility power with PriorityPower
  • Avoid utility peak charges with ParallelPower
  • Temporarily increase power within the home with ParallelPower
  • Take advantage of the lower lifetime cost of Lithium Ion batteries with ChargePower technology
  • Sell power to the utility with GridSell (Conext XW+)

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Off- Grid Solar
Independence from spiraling diesel generation costs
For remote business, save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges

Reliable and scalable off-grid solution up to 102 kW

For off-grid businesses power consumption is typically heaviest during the day when PV production is highest. If there is nighttime consumption, PV energy must be stored for later use.
AC Coupling the PV system with the Conext XW+ is a simple and cost effective method of providing power for business activities during the day. Sizing the PV system at up to two times the rated inverter/charger power allows for loads to be powered and battery charging to occur simultaneously during the day. Overproduction of PV energy is curtailed by Conext XW+. DC Coupling the PV system with the Conext XW+ using Conext MPPT Solar Charge controllers is also an option.
Conext XW+ will provide power for the AC loads and can also charge the battery bank from diesel generator power.  The off-grid diesel generator is used as backup to PV and to extend autonomy. Batteries and Solar PV can be scaled up as needed for the required autonomy. ComBox and System Control Panel are used for monitoring and control.
Conext solutions include:

  • Powerful load starting
  • GenSupport for small generators
  • Fast efficient ChargePower technology
  • CouplingPower - AC or DC couple with PV power

Commercial Example: AC Coupled

Commercial Example: DC Coupled

Residential Example: DC Coupled

Residential Example: AC Coupled


Backup Power
Minimize production losses

Seamless switchover
Integrate generator for longer autonomy

Conext XW+ integrates into the electrical system and seamlessly converts power from battery reserves to power critical loads such as pumps, security systems, refrigerators and electronics, when utility power is unavailable. Three Conext XW+ units are used to provide three-phase power. For extended power outage situations, Conext XW+ integrates with a generator to power critical loads while replenishing battery reserves.
Conext solutions include:

  •  Seamless switchover
  •  Powerful load starting
  •  Efficient fast ChargePower technology
  •  Integrate generator for longer autonomy
  •  Scalable battery reserve

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