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The Sun does not send us an invoice for the 50 billion kilowatt hours of energy it emits onto the earth every second and never goes on a holiday. She is the best and most reliable partner of Atlantic Solar Namibia cc. We will assist you in making the sun your best partner.

In regions with feed-in tariff (FiT) schemes, one can benefit by installing a grid-tie rooftop solar system and exporting the generated PV electricity to the grid. In regions with net-metering schemes, the generated PV energy helps the the owner to reduce electricity bills...Read more


Enabled by PriorityPower both Conext XW+ and Conext SW will prioritize the self-consumption of stored battery and PV generated power over grid power, helping homeowners avoid high utility charges Both XW+ and SW also provide for backup in areas prone...Read more


Independence from spiraling diesel generation costs
For remote business, save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges

Reliable and scalable off-grid solution up to 102 kW For off-grid businessespower consumption...Read more


Conext XW+ integrates into the electrical system and seamlessly converts power from battery reserves to power critical loads such as pumps, security systems, refrigerators and electronics, when utility power is unavailable Three Conext XW+ units are used to provide...Read more

  Atlantic Solar Namibia
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