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Solar Battery Monitoring Systems and Software
  Conext Insight PV Monitoring Software/Web Portal
Remote monitoring and asset management platform for distributed PV plants
  Conext ComBox
New monitoring solution from Schneider Electric
  Conext Battery Monitor
Battery bank monitoring with battery string health detection
  Conext System Control Panel
Monitor and Configure Conext Inverter Charger Systems
and Xanbus Enabled Accessories
  Conext Automatic Generator Start
Automatically start and stop a generator to meet power needs
  Conext ComBox Android tablet application
New monitoring solution from Schneider ElectricTM
  The ideal combination monitoring device and evaluation platform        

The ideal combination of monitoring device and evaluation platform

  Solar-Log 2000
High-end device for large-scale PV plants and solar power stations
Comprehensive evaluation functions and many enhancement options make the Solar-Log 2000 a must for use in demanding situations.
  Solar-Log 1200
Mid-range device for small to medium-sized PV plants
The beautifully shaped device for failure and yield monitoring with a TFT color touch screen and a smaller LCD display
  Solar-Log 300
An all-round talent for small plants
The low cost failure and yield monitoring system for plants with a maximum power of 15 kWp. Includes alarm function and graphic evaluation on PC.
  Solar-Log 250
PV-Monitoring - smart and simple
The low cost failure and yield monitoring system for plants with a maximum power of 10 kWp.
  Inepro - 75D / 1 - phase   Inepro - 1250D / 3 - phase
  Networked power socket
External appliances can be turned on and controlled by the Solar-Log 1000.
  Sensor basic
Sensor basic delivers the irradiance values as well as the module temperature
  Sensor Box Commercial
Sensors measure the deviations between the potential power production and the current power production
  Solar-Log overvoltage protection
The overvoltage protection device for the Solar-Log offers protection against power surges
  Solar-Log SMB
Monitor every individual string to ensure a reliable and precise plant monitoring.
  Ambient temperature
Sensor Box Commercial accessories
  Wind sensors
Sensor Box Commercial accessories
  Solar-Log WEB Classic 2nd Edition – Personal monitoring of your plant
The "Classic 2nd Edition" online service offers the basic functions for plant monitoring.
  Solar-Log WEB Commercial Edition
Offer your customers professional monitoring with the Solar-Log WEB "Commercial Edition"
  PIKO Sensor and Data Communicator   Data Communicator   Piko Sensor
  Monitoring & Control   Sunny Home Manager   SMA Energy Meter
Universal recording of measured values for intelligent energy management
  Sunny Webbox
Remote monitoring and maintenance of medium-sized PV plants
  SunnyWebbox with Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Superfast setup, reliable monitoring, secure yields
  Sunny View
Stylish visualization for the home
  SMA Metro Station
The professional weather station equipped with a pyranometer
  Sunny Sensorbox
The weather station for PV plants
  Meter Connection Box
Analysis of energy consumption made easy
  SMA Bluetooth Repeater
Device for closing dead zones with SMA Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  SMA Webconnect (SWDM-10)
Direct data exchange with Sunny Portal and Sunny Places


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